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More than 3 Rooms

2 Kit Standard Test 4-6 Rooms + (+$120.00)

3 Kit Standard Test 7-9 Rooms + (+$240.00)

4 Kit Standard Test 10-12 Rooms + (+$360.00)


Fast 2 Days Turn-around (+$60.00)

Full 3 page Indicative report (+$60.00)

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Meth Testing Wellington / P Testing Wellington

Meth (crystal meth and crack), commonly known as P, is causing a large number of problems throughout New Zealand. In addition to the problems it causes the people who are its users, it also creates problems for homes and businesses that are used as P labs. At CleaningPro, our experts are dedicated to giving our valued clients the best meth testing services possible.

which include:

  • Anyone skeptical regarding the use of methamphetamine in their house
  • Members of the Welllington City Council
  • Real estate agents
  • Homeowners
  • Commercial property owners and investors

Why choose CleaningPro:

  • Most of the companies test 4 areas in the house for every kit but we sample 8 areas in the house.
  • All rooms in the house are sampled so that no meth is left unidentified.
  • We identify low levels of meth – important if a place has been painted.
  • We determine if meth is present or not – the severity depends on the amount.
  • We provide you with a lab report – confirming all the details (optional)
  • We call you regarding the result – with immediate answers to queries.
  • We provide further assistance – to allow you to get the correct result.

We have two kinds of meth testing service available:

Standard Meth Testing:

The standard test is done to determine the presence of meth at a place i.e. it exists there or not.

For an individual, no amount of meth is tolerable for an individual, and for this purpose, the standard test comes into play. The standard test answers the basic query of whether meth is present at a place or not, but to know the location where it is exactly present, you may need to spend more money and go for an advanced test (i.e., a "comprehensive meth test").

Meth sampling is an effective way to know if there's any meth in the house. It reduces the probability of leaving behind residues and finding out later that you got it wrong. The tests are so accurate that they can't produce a false-positive result!

If the results of our test come positive, the total amount of meth will be provided by the lab present in the sample. The amount of meth given will make you aware of the severity of the problem. This test makes a great change in the cost of solving this problem. Based on the results of this test, you can continue examining or move on.

If you want to reduce the risk of not detecting meth in your house, it is preferable to take a sample from every room in the house. This standard test does not confirm how effective the process of cleaning will be on the property. If you have recently cleaned or painted your house, please give our booking team a call at 0800 405 670 so we can talk more.

Comprehensive Meth Testing:

Comprehensive meth tests are used to find out where or in which room meth is being used.

Sometimes clients wish to ascertain the exact location of meth in different parts of their house. In a comprehensive test, individual kits are used to take samples from different areas or rooms of the house. As more kits are used in this test, it costs more and is more expensive. For this reason, it is advised to take a standard test first.

It is an appropriate and cost-saving way to know the exact areas where meth residues are located in the house. It is a better approach to use this test instead of in-field test kits. We sample all areas of the property properly, as we do in standard tests. This is the recommended approach. If not all parts of the house are sampled, it is likely that meth residues will not be found.

The comprehensive test should be used if the meth level detected by the standard test is low (2 g of meth), an in-field test performed by another company results in a positive result, and risk factors are determined to be low, and there are no complicated factors such as redecoration.

Meth Testing Prices:

The price of the test depends on the area or size of the property

Standard Test Up to 3 rooms (8 samples) $199

2 Kit Standard Test 4 to 6 rooms (16 samples) $319

3 Kit Standard Test 7-9 rooms (24 samples) $439

4 Kit Standard Test 10-12 rooms (36 samples) $559

Turnaround: 5 days. Please call us before booking as we are extremely busy during this time of year.


Fast 2 Days Turn-around $60
Full 3-page Indicative report $60


Methamphetamine, more commonly known as meth, P, crystal meth, and crack, is a significant issue affecting communities throughout New Zealand. Beyond the harm it causes to its users, meth also poses considerable problems for homes and businesses used as P labs.

CleaningPro offers comprehensive meth testing services to a wide variety of clients, including homeowners, real estate agents, investors, and the Welllington City Council. Our approach to meth testing is designed to ensure thorough and accurate results for our clients. Some key features of our meth testing process include:

  1. Increased testing coverage: We sample up to 8 areas per kit, in contrast to the 4 areas sampled by most other companies.
  2. Comprehensive room sampling: Our goal is to sample all rooms in a property to ensure that no meth residues go undetected.
  3. Meth presence and severity assessment: We determine whether meth is present and estimate the severity based on the detected amount.
  4. Identification of low meth levels: Assessing low meth levels is essential in cases where a property has been painted or superficially cleaned to cover up meth contamination.
  5. Immediate communication: Once the test results are available, we promptly call our clients to discuss the findings and address any queries.
  6. Detailed lab reports: We provide optional lab reports that confirm all test details, ensuring transparency and credibility.
  7. Ongoing support: Our team is committed to providing further assistance as needed, ensuring that you can make informed decisions about your property's safety.


With CleaningPro's meth testing services, you can have confidence in the accuracy of our results and the professionalism of our team. Protect your property and ensure the safety of its occupants by choosing CleaningPro for your meth testing needs.

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