Carpet Cleaning Wellington


1-2 Bedrooms with 1 Living Area: $140

Extra Bedrooms $40 each 

Extra Living Area $50 each

Stairs $45 up to 15 Steps

Hallway Standard up to 15Sqm $40

Hallway Large between 15-30Sqm $80

Upholstery Cleaning $35 Per seat

Rug Cleaning Small (Up to 2MX2M) $60

Rug Cleaning Large (Up to 3MX3M) $90

Mattress Cleaning -Single $90

Mattress Cleaning -Double $150

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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Wellington

CleaningPro is a company that provides professional carpet cleaning in Wellington.

Cleaners at our company are well-trained and use the best carpet cleaning tools. Carpet spot removal, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, and sofa cleaning are also some of the other things we can do for you.

Our carpet cleaning service has been working in Wellington for a long time. We promise to do a good job and give our customers good value for their money.

People in Wellington can now get this kind of work from us. Dirty carpets no longer mean you need to buy new carpets. Our carpet cleaning services make sure that all stains and smells are removed.

CleaningPro uses high-quality products to make your carpets look like they just came out of the store, at low prices. We use products and methods that are good for the environment. This helps us get the job done quickly and effectively.

CleaningPro does good work. They offer cleaning, repair, and restoration services for businesses and homes.

Why should you choose us?

  • Upfront quotes, and no hidden charges, thus no worries.
  • State of the art equipment– Thoroughly carpet cleaning using professional equipment like the Ninja Carpet Extractor and Rotovac 360i.
  • We use eco-friendly products as this is the planet that we need to leave for the generations to come
  • Customized combo deals and highly competitive prices for customers on a budget
  • We believe in securing satisfied clients and provide free assessments and custom quotes
  • Our staff is experienced and regularly trained, thus, don’t worry about anything and leave the rest to us
  • We are available within a 30km radius of Wellington.
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Carpet Cleaning using Rotovac 360i

Check out carpet cleaning using our latest machine. You will not get the same results from a carpet cleaner hire from the supermarket.

Our carpet cleaning process includes:

Carpets can be cleaned with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner, but it won't be as good as having a professional clean them for you.

Our methods of carpet cleaning are the most effective in Wellington. There is no matter where your carpets are. We can clean them.

CleaningPro specialises in cleaning carpets made of different fibres. We will also make sure that if anyone has allergies, they will not be near the carpet. We know how important it is for carpets to dry quickly, so we heat dry them after we clean them.


A walk through visual inspection, identifying visual stains, and a general evaluation is provided about what needs to be done.


Commercial vacuum cleaners extract 80% of soil and dirt particles. The team vacuums the area regardless of there being any visible dirt or not.


Stains like stubborn grease cannot be taken out by the regular vacuum cleaner, and thus, require alkaline pre-spray to loosen them. Dependent on the type of carpet, a Teflon rake may also be used.

Cleaning and Extracting

Using a hot water extraction steam cleaning procedure, we clean the carpet off any chemical, dirt, pollen, or bacteria, etc. this is followed by a PH balancing carpet cleaning solution applied to manifest the process.

Post-Cleaning Final Inspection

A thorough post-cleaning inspection is carried out to ensure that the promised results have been achieved. A carpet typically dries in 3 to 6 hours, and the results can be duly seen.

Carpet Spot Removal / Stain Treatment:

Sometimes, getting rid of stains from carpets or treating stains can be hard to do. An expert is needed to get rid of hard stains on carpets. Such professional treatment requires chemicals, detergents, and stain treatment methods that can't be used on a do-it-yourself basis, so it can't be done.

We are very good at getting rid of stains and treating stains. CleaningPro not only cleans your carpets and removes unpleasant smells, but it also makes your home smell better. We will make sure that every stain on your carpet is cleaned with the right product.

Life is messy and unpredictable, which makes it hard to keep stains from getting on the carpet. At our cleaning company, we have 15 different chemicals that can be used to clean up any kind of stain. These chemicals can be used to clean up everything from a spilled glass of wine to your child's dirty footpath.

Please check the high-quality stain removal chemicals used by us, below:

  • Pro Spotter: Perfect for oil, fat, grease, and most other types of stains.
  • Urine stain remover: Most suitable for pet urine odour and stains treatment.
  • Rust remover: Ideal for removal of rust and old blood stains.
  • Coffee and tannin spotter: Used for acid, tea, coffee, water, and red wine stains.
  • Citrus spotter: Suited for organic and protein stains.
  • Browning TX spotter: Effective against flooding and water browning.
  • Ink remover: Removes a wide range of inks, markers, and oils.
  • Red break: for those pesky red drink spills

A note: We try to use the best chemicals to get rid of stains, but some stains can't be cleaned. Depending on the carpet, how old the stain is, and how it came about, the results will be different. The treatment of pet and urine odour and stains is not part of standard carpet cleaning. When we look at the damage on the carpet, we may need to lift it up to see it. We may also need to change the underlay in that area. There is also no standard carpet cleaning that includes taking care of pet hair on the floor. Get a separate quote for pet odour and hair removal treatment by calling us!

Carpet Cleaning Prices:

1-2 Bedrooms with 1 Living Area: $140
3-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: $180
4-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: $220
5-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: $260
6-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: $300

Furthermore, you can add any of below extras:

Stain Treatment (Up to 10 average size stains): $100
Stairs up to 15 steps: $45
Extra Living Area: $50
Hallway Standard (up to 15 Sq. metre): $40
Hallway Large (Between 15-30 Sq. metre): $80
Couch Cleaning (up to 5 seats): $150
Rug Cleaning Small (Up to 2mX2m): $60
Rug Cleaning Large (Up to 3mX3m): $90
Single Mattress Cleaning: $90
Double Mattress Cleaning: $150

**These prices exclude GST

CleaningPro also provides flood restoration and upholstery cleaning services. Please get in touch in order to get a quote.

*For carpets requiring extra efforts will be charged additional, after on-site inspection

**Please inform us via email if carpet cleaning by Rotovac is required. Unless specified, we may send another machine, subjected to availability.

***CleaningPro prefers vacant space, light furniture can be moved by the team. However, the customer should take care of the heavy furniture items.

****If parking carries any expense, it has to be borne by the customer separately

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