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Mould Removal Wellington | Mould Remediation

You might have noticed several blackish green patches on walls and ceilings of a house, office, or any other building. These patches are known as a green fungus that occurs and is around us as airborne fungus. Generally, the green fungus grows and spreads on wet and damp surfaces for example damp ceilings due to continuous and heavy rain. Having said that, the only way to control the growth and spread of the fungus is to keep the particular areas dry and control the moisture. As said earlier, the fungus moulds blossom in wet surfaces/areas and spread afterward. Most of these areas are present in your own house including kitchen, washroom, and bathrooms, laundry rooms and areas in the basement. Apart from these, ceilings, tiles, wooden paneling, wet mattresses, and walls are the most common type of surfaces where moulds can easily occur and spread if not kept dry. 

Why Do Moulds Occur?

Have you ever wondered why do these moulds occur on different surfaces? You might not know but your office and home are full of organic material that makes perfect environments for mould to grow.When getting damp, these organic components in materials provide moisture through which the moulds grow and spread rapidly, ultimately leading to the wide-spread of mould and larger property damage. Here are a few main reasons why moulds grow:

  • Leaky ceilings – This may occur due to flooding or rainy situation.
  • Non-stop Humidity– This is normally caused by the humid condition of when the steam is inside it. It is considered natural. 
  • Drainage of Water of Flood– This is the drainage that existed before and is still moisture-laden or a bit soggy even today.
  • Consistent Moisture Source – These are the moist areas that involve poor drainage, leaky pipe causing water to fall and collect on a single point or spot.
  • Inappropriate Drainage Systems – This can be experienced especially with the Air conditioners’ outdoor units. The leakage becomes the cause of mould growth.

Besides a few of the causes of mould growth mentioned above, there are some microclimatic conditions and seasons that are linked to mould. Summer and Spring season are considered as growth promoter seasons of moulds.

Harmful Effects of a Black Mould

 Moulds are filamentous structures which have a frizzy appearance. They pose deleterious impacts on all the living and non living things. Moulds are different in colors such as green, blue, black and greenish black. Moreover,they have different kinds of variety. Depending upon the toxicity, black moulds are very toxic in nature. They prefer growing in indoor locations and cause various detrimental health effects. On the other hand, the greenish black mould shows their presence at a certain location through a certain smell. Where flood having black water stays then it will indicate that there are impurities in the water and shows the presence of black moulds. The term ‘flood’ in this context implies that it could be sea water, rain water or sewage water. Along with this, black moulds can grow at locations having more moisture content.These moulds negatively impact human health. Individuals may experience reactions that can be immediate or delayed. If you want to know what are the associated effects of black moulds are then scroll down.

  • Toxic: Black mould is toxic to human health and has diverse harmful effects.
  • Break Down: It intensifies hardness, even the toughest material such as drywall, paint and wood,etc.
  • Eruption: Outbreak of allergies and other symptoms among individuals is also noticed especially those with weaker immunity.
  • Severe Effects: Impactson children are more acute and serious.
  • Allergic Reactions: These moulds have allergic reactions such as chest or nasal congestion, asthma attacks, itchy or dry eyes, sneezing, infections, headaches or migraines, irritation or fatigue.
  • Damage: It also causes cosmetic and discoloration damage.
  • Longer Exposure: Respiratory diseases can occur. Exposure for a longer timeperiod causes serious respiratory issues.

The presence of black moulds in your home can be a dangerous thing. These are not visible to the untrained eye, so they might go unnoticed and untreated for weeks or even months on end! Hire an expert today before it's too late; only experts have the training needed to identify these harmful organisms as well as remove them safely from your property without risking any further damage.


What is the Process of Mould Remediation / Mould Removal?

 Moulds damage your property if it is not treated on time. It should be timely cleaned. If you do not treat black moulds, you will notice that wooden cabinets, paints and other materials started weakening. You will have to face many issues. As mentioned above, moulds pose serious health effects on human beings. They cause various allergic reactions. In order to get rid of such issues, you have to adopt a process known as Mould Remediation in which moulds are removed. CleaningPro team of professionals does initial assessment evaluation and a free quote. After that, the damp area is cleaned up where moulds are present. This is how mould remediation process completes.

1. Fix the Source of Moisture

 It is well said that the source of water is the source of moulds. Where there is more moisture content, there will be more moulds. If leakage occurs, try to repair the source as early as possible to reduce the growth of moulds.

2. Mould Treatment

 Moulds are present in moist conditions. A leakage may support mould growth.It is necessary to fix water issues on time. In order to solve these issues, you should take off all the leaky materials such as woods, drywall and carpeting etc from that area to restrict mould growth. In case of severity, it is advised to leave that place permanently.

3. Purify & Deodorise

 After the process of mould removal, professionals thoroughly clean, sanitize and deodorize the objects such as furniture, clothes, cabinets and other items to eliminate the remains of moulds, Air filtration equipment is used to make sure the mould does not occur again.

4. Restore

Last but not the least, mould remediation process in which the focus is to reorganize the region into its original state. New tiles and carpeting are installed to ensure that everything gets rid of moulds. In case of severity, it is advised to replace vanities, cabinets and countertops.

Why Should You Go For Professional Mould Cleaners?

CleaningPro is a credible company providing mould remediation services. If you are treating moulds yourself, then there are more chances of reoccurring of moulds. You will use bleach to treat moulds which is not an effective way. We have a professional team of veteran mould remediation that permanently removes water and mould issues. CleaningPro provides mould treatment that ensure treatment of all types of moulds including black moulds.Here are some of the reasons why you should choose CleaningPro

  • Insured and Licensed Team Members
  • Free Quotes
  • Veteran & Professional Cleaners
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Transparent Process
  • 30-Minutes Turnaround Time
  • High-Quality Equipment and Techniques


Do not wait for moulds to spread over a large area. Contact CleaningPro as early as possible when you see any signs and symptoms of mould. Save yourself and your property from getting damaged. Our experts will suggest you the best possible solutions with the fastest mould remediation service.


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