Wellington Car Grooming Services


CleaningPro Standard - (Quick Clean Inside and Out) $95.00

CleaningPro Valet - (Standard + Interior Detailing) $135.00

CleaningPro Polish - (Standard + Exterior Hand Polish) $155.00

CleaningPro Premium - (Interior and Exterior) $195.00


Mobile Car Cleaning $80

Large Car or SUV $20

Engine Clean $40

Headlight Restoration $75

Leather Polish $75

Seats and Mats Shampoo $95

Exterior Machine Cut Polish $95

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Professional Car grooming services, mobile auto detailing and car wash in Wellington

Let CleaningPro’s auto detailing experts use eco-friendly and toxin-free products to wash your cars and give them the pristine finish that they deserve. Our qualified car cleaners can do a full detail job or just clean and detail the outside or the inside.

While travelling to your location, we make sure that no car owner is deprived of quality car grooming services in Wellington. To ensure end-to-end satisfaction, we have a full range of car detailing products that assist our experienced detailing experts to ensure that a job is well done. Let us restore the look of your car for you. You’d be able to reminisce about the memory of your straight-outta-showroom car.

Your car deserves to look good. Presentation and appearance matter, so leave that up to us. We make sure your tyres are shiny and clean and protect the wheels as well!

*** All products used by CleaningPro are environmentally safe, high quality, and toxin-free.

CleaningPro's car grooming and detailing services aren't just a car wash. Instead, we give your car a proper treatment to make sure you're happy and come back to us again!

Our mobile car grooming services in Wellington include:

CleaningPro Standard – Quick Clean Inside and Out

  • Price for Small Car valet $95.00
  • Price for Large Car or SUV $115.00


  1. Exterior Clean
  2. Wheels and alloys cleaned
  3. Chamois dry
  4. Tyres dressed
  5. Windows cleaned inside and out
  6. Mirrors cleaned inside and out
  7. Interior Vacuum
  8. Boot Vacuum
  9. Door jambs wiped
  10. Boot openings wiped

CleaningPro Valet – Standard + Interior Detailing

  • Small car Grooming $135.00
  • Mobile Auto Detailing Large Car or SUV $155.00


  1. Everything in the standard package
  2. Dash and console cleaned and dressed
  3. Vinyl and all plastic trimming dressed
  4. Door trimming dressed

CleaningPro Polish – Standard + Exterior Hand Polish

  1. Small car Grooming $155.00
  2. Mobile Auto Detailing Large Car or SUV $175.00

Standard package plus:

  1. Boot openings wiped
  2. Full exterior hand polish
  3. Bumpers and Guards dressed
  4. Exterior plastic mouldings dressed

CleaningPro Premium – Interior and Exterior

  • Small car Grooming $195.00
  • Large Car Wash or SUV $215.00
  1. Everything in the standard package, plus below items
  2. Dash and console cleaned and dressed
  3. Vinyl and all plastic trimming dressed
  4. Door trimming dressed
  5. Full exterior hand polish
  6. Bumpers and Guards dressed
  7. Exterior plastic mouldings dressed

*** All remote cleaning jobs are performed at our service centre after picking up the vehicle from the pickup point. Company services to pick up the vehicle cost $80 plus GST, while you still have the option to drop it off yourself.

Dirt and stain removal is the first step, followed by a layer of protection for the restoration to last long.

CleaningPro is good for your budget and makes sure you get the most for your money.

The following services are not included in the standard package:

Mobile Car Cleaning $80 

Engine Clean $40

Headlight Restoration / Polish Headlights $75

Leather Polish $75

Seats and Mats Shampoo $95

Exterior Machine Cut Polish $95

Full interior shampoo and mould treatment services in Wellington are also available. Planning to get top-notch car detailing and car grooming services in Wellington? Get in touch with us.

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* Cars requiring special effort will be quoted accordingly after inspection.

** CleaningPro would require access to your power and water supply.

*** The customer is responsible for the parking and will have to pay the costs associated with parking if the parking is not available.

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