Wellington Commercial Cleaning Services (Small Office)


Small Office Weekly Cleaning $105

Medium Office Weekly Cleaning $175

Large Office Weekly Cleaning $280

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Wellington Commercial Cleaning Services (Small Office)

Are you worried about cleaning services and looking for some professional office and commercial cleaning in Wellington? You all might know that Wellington is a commercialised region that requires professional cleaning services. Choosing an unprofessional team for your office cleaning is a risk as they might use older machinery, which causes damage to your property at the workplace. CleaningPro is a highly rated company, having skilled staff members and the latest machinery. We are a trusted cleaning company in Wellington. It doesn’t matter if your office is small or big. The only thing that matters is how clean and organised it looks. Our qualified team is here to help you in this matter.

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 A messed up office doesn’t create a healthy workplace environment. Your office should look clean so that workers can work and clients feel at ease in that environment. We offer various cleaning services. You have the choice to create your own customised cleaning package. Cleaning timings will be arranged according to the customer’s requirements. You do not need to worry about the cleaning of your office. We are here to take up this burden so that you can continue your business activities smoothly.

What we provide:

  • Weekly cleaning of small office
  • Weekly cleaning of medium office
  • Weekly cleaning of large office

It depends on the size of the office (small or big), what equipment will be suitable for your location. We try our best to do the work in less time. We ensure the customer’s privacy and property. It is not wise to create any kind of mess in the office area. Stop fretting and pick up your phone now to get a free quote.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

 We'll clean every inch of your office, no matter if it's the main hall or kitchen. We will also take care of areas like floors, cabinets, and washrooms to ensure that you're free from all dirt!

Office area cleaning includes

  • Cleaning of partitions, ledges and window sills
  • Cleaning of all rubbish bins in and around the office space
  • Cleaning of all computers and their accessories
  • Replacement of disposal bags inside the rubbish bins and trash cans.
  • Cleaning of any kind of glass in the office.
  • Clean meeting tables and conference room furniture
  • Cleaning of contact places likes doors and switches with a special disinfectant
  • Ceiling & lights dusted.
  • Clean woodwork including frames, office wooden materials meeting tables and conference room furniture.

Restroom Cleaning

Everyone needs a properly maintained restroom. Almost every person is aware of a clean bathroom. Suppose you are standing alone outside a bathroom and thinking about what you will do if you do not get a clean restroom. It can be both disturbing and annoying for a person. CleaningPro is here to solve this problem. We provide restroom service:

  • Refilling of all restroom dispensers which may include any item ranging from liquid soap to paper towels.
  • Cleaning of toilets with disinfectant.
  • Cleaning of all mirrors and glass fixtures in the restrooms.
  • Cleaning of all rubbish bins in the restroom and dispensing of trash afterward.
  • Clean and disinfect all toilet fixtures.

 Office Area 

The ambiance of your office defines your personality. If you have a clean office, it will present a better picture of you. An office is a place where you work and spend more than half of a day, so it should be germ-free and hygienic. We always try our best to give a new and shiny look to your office. Here are some of our office cleaning services:

  • Dusting and Cleaning of all tables and chairs
  • Cleaning of computers
  • Cleaning of dustbins
  • Cleaning of ledges and windows
  • Proper cleaning of all switches and wires
  • Dusting of all the equipment placed in the office
  • Cleaning of Glass windows and glass doors
  • Disposal of dustbins


Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is the place that should look clean every time. There shouldn't be any dirt or dust. A CleaningPro team of professionals is always there to provide you with a hygienic environment. Here are the kitchen cleaning services:

  • Cleaning cabinets of any dirt or particles
  • Cleaning of appliances from the outside.
  • Mopping of the kitchen floor with disinfectant.
  • Cleaning of all kitchen fixtures like tabletops and sinks.
  • Cleaning of microwave from the inside.


Floor Cleaning

CleaningPro realises and understands how crucial it is to clean your floor. The sticky and dirty floors have a negative impact on office cleaning on clients and workers. We use the latest technology to clean your floor properly in less time. Our services include:

  • Mopping of all non-carpeted office floors
  • Cleaning of all carpets in the office with the vacuum cleaner

Commercial Cleaning Pricing:

  • Small office cleaning up to three hours: $105
  • Medium office cleaning up to five hours: $175
  • Large office cleaning up to eight hours: $280

Advantages of hiring us:

  • We are one of the best cleaning services in Wellington
  • We have Up to date equipment
  • We use cleaning products which are disinfectants
  • We have accommodating time frames
  • We have no secret or hidden charges
  • We never leave without satisfying our clients
  • We make transparent deals
  • We value your time and money

The prices mentioned above are our weekly rates. You can get a custom cleaning package for your office. We make sure to provide the best services at affordable rates for our customers. You just need to stop thinking about the mess you have created in your office. Pick up your phone and contact us. We have a lengthy list of valued customers who believe in us. Hurry up! Fill out the form and request a quote now! Our customer care representative will get back to you as soon as possible. Here is our contact number: 045551108

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