Meth Clean up/ Decontamination Wellington

Suspicious that your home may have been used as a meth lab? We'll confirm it with our meth testing and make it disappear with our meth clean up service! Our certified technicians will come out and clean every inch of the place with products designed to clean only meth from walls , floors, etc. Surfaces such as walls, floors, countertops, and furniture will all have traces of this highly addictive substance.

You won't find another company on the market today who can clean up places used as meth labs like us!

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Meth Clean up / Decontamination Wellington

Meth is a dangerous drug that can cause serious health problems if your house becomes contaminated by it..

Meth labs can be tricky to clean up after they've been dissolved, but thankfully there are companies like CleaningPRO who specialise in decontaminating meth lab environments.

Let us take care of the meth clean up so you can enjoy your family living in a safe and healthy environment.

Our Meth Decontamination Process

Meth has to be thrown away in a complicated way that is dangerous and hard to do right without special training.

Meth labs are notorious for leaving behind harmful chemicals that end up in our homes. You can't get rid of these toxic substances by sweeping the floor or painting over them. Most of the time, you can't even tell they're there, but they still pollute the air inside.

Toxins couldn't be removed without a long and expensive process, so the facility will have to spend money to fix the problem.

  • We use numbers to figure out what kind of meth is there, where it is, and how much of it there is.
  • Particles can get attached to carpets. We will remove them as soon as possible!
  • After we clean the floor with a HEPA macroscopic mop, which is used to wipe down uncovered hard surfaces (not carpet!), we wash all items outside or in an enclosed room that can be flushed out.
  • We're not too keen on the idea of meth-contaminated air ducts and other parts of the HVAC system, so we take special measures to clean them up.
  • As a final step, we conduct an inspection to make sure that safety levels have been met again.

Meth Clean up at Lower Levels:

Methamphetamine is hard to get off once it's been used at home or anywhere else for that matter, because no one can ever know how far its reach will go until they're already contaminated with this potent drug.

We clean up even the most difficult messes with our triple-clean service. With this, we decontaminate properties that range from moderately contaminated to levels of 1.5 micrograms per 100 cm2 in as little time as possible! so that there is nothing vicious after we are finished.

When your property has been taken care of by our team, you'll know for certain that not only will it be free from any stains and traces of methamphetamine, but every inch has been thoroughly cleaned.

Meth Clean-up at High Levels:

Our team will need to perform a site survey in order to determine the severity. We would use special cleaning solutions and materials, but if a house was very dirty, we might have to take out some of the building materials.

It's important that while decontaminating your house, you find somewhere else to stay!

Contact CleaningPro for Professional Meth Clean up Service

You don't have to stress about your unsafe property anymore. Let us take care of it for you-we'll come out, assess the situation, and remove any hazardous materials from your home so that when we're finished, everything will be safe again.

No matter if the job is too big or small. Our team can handle it professionally. And Yes! We offer our service at appropriate and affordable rates. Give us a Call today 045551108 or Email us to remove any trace of Meth from Your Home and Make it Safe.

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