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Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning Carpets can be difficult. Carpet Cleaners will often make the same mistakes over and over again and can lead to long-term damage and may even void the warranty on your carpet., resulting in a carpet that looks worse than before they started cleaning! When it comes to keeping your carpet clean, there are a number of mistakes that you can make. We've put together this list of 7 common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes so that you can avoid them!

Using a Dry Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Your Carpet

If you're cleaning and picking up dust, dirt or debris from your carpet, we recommend using an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or brush roll turned off. If for some reason the power goes out while vacuuming (which happens more than it should!) Don't panic! Just wait until the lights come back on before turning the machine back on because this can cause damage to both the motor of the machine as well as create static electricity in your carpets which could attract even further dust/dirt outdoors., resulting in soiling of your brand new-looking Carpets!

Not Getting To The Root of a Problem

If you have any stains or blemishes that remain on your Carpets, even after cleaning them with professional Carpet Cleaners, it's time to get down and dirty by finding out where those pesky dirt marks are coming from so you can clean away at the source! Most often spots will be found as a result of spillages which may include beverages such as coffee or juice., clothing dye transfer from clothes folks wear around pets and children playing outside in their favorite clothes without washing them first!, etc. Pet Stains tend to linger longer than other types of spills because they're full of bacteria that is growing every minute until treated properly!

Ignoring Pet Stains

The number one Carpet Stain that Carpet cleaners come across is Pet Stains., especially if your Carpets have pets! Even though you may love spending time with the family dog every day, please remember to clean up after them or get rid of them entirely before they cause irreparable damage to your home's carpets which will cost hundreds (if not thousands) in repairs and replacements! If this is what needs to be done for your loved ones at home, then do it sooner rather than later because everyone will be much happier when their homes look spotless!, including Fido himself! You wouldn't like living in a messy home so why should he?

Wait Too Long Before Cleaning Again

The worst thing anyone can do with regards to keeping Carpets clean is wait for stains and spills to dry or set into them., especially if they're Pet Stains as mentioned above!, resulting in even more damage than before you started cleaning, including discoloration of fibers over time! This applies especially during the winter months when windows are closed most often so there's no way for dirt particles from outside to come flying through like summertime air currents!. If possible, Carpet Cleaners should be brought in at least once a week to get your Carpets looking their best!

Putting Too Much Liquid or Too Many Chemicals Into Your Carpet

The worst thing that can happen during a Carpet cleaning session is when an inexperienced person decides to over-saturate Carpets with water and harsh Chemicals which won't only damage fibers immediately but also cause mold growth later on, especially if you're not able to dry out the Carpets right away because of weather conditions outside., leaving behind puddles long after they've been cleaned up!. If possible, always use moist Cloths instead for better while using as little liquid as possible to achieve desired results!

Over-Spraying With Chemicals

When you think of Carpet Cleaners, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most likely it's over spraying Carpets with harsh Chemicals which are not only bad for your health but will damage your Carpets long term! There are more ways than one when it comes to cleaning Carpets and using Chemical sprays should definitely be at the bottom of your list.


Carpets can easily become some of the dirtiest areas in homes if they're not taken care of as often as possible, especially during winter months when windows are closed and we spend more time inside! Carpet Cleaners should be brought in on a regular basis to maintain Carpets looking their best year round.

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