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Remove Pet Hair From Your Couch

A pet can leave a lot of hair on your furnishings if you own one. You might not think it is a big deal at first, but soon enough the couch will look like an animal took up residence in it! The good news is that removing pet hair from your couch doesn't have to be difficult. In this blog post we will give you some tips for getting rid of pet hair from your sofa easily and effectively.

Vacuum the couch thoroughly

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the hair. Probably, your pet left hair on the sofa, so vacuuming it thoroughly is the first thing you should do. Make sure that you have an attachment for this purpose. You might also want to flip your couch cushions upside down and suck up all of the fur there too!

If necessary, use a dry brush to gently loosen stubborn hairs

If there are some areas that still have fur stuck to them, then you can use a dry brush to remove it. After you vacuum the couch, you should be able to remove any remaining hair with this method.

Dry brush is recommended by many pet owners and vets themselves and most probably if the vacuum doesn't work on the pet hair then dry brush or lint rollers will do the job.

Use tape or sticky lint rollers to pick up hair from surfaces

Using tape or sticky lint rollers is another good way to remove pet hair. You might want to do this before using your vacuum cleaner so that all of the fur gets picked up in one go! Just place these tools on top of each other and run them over your furniture until they're filled with hair. Then just throw away the tape/lint roller and continue vacuuming as usual! Use hand sanitizer to repel pet hair.

If your pets are leaving a lot of fur on the couch, it might be worth trying to use hand sanitizer as a repellent. All you have to do is rub some onto the furniture and this will stop your pets from shedding there in future! If they try though, then all you need to do is wipe off any excess with a damp cloth. This won't permanently damage the material either!

Use an upholstery cleaner if necessary

When you're trying to remove pet hair from your sofa, it can feel like nothing works, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything else you could try first! An upholstery cleaner should work well for tackling stubborn stains and odors so we recommend giving one of those cleaners a try.

Add an indoor/outdoor rug to the front of couch for added protection

You can also try adding an indoor/outdoor rug to the front of the couch if your pets are still leaving a lot of hair on it. This will help protect the fabric from damage and hopefully stop your furry friends from shedding there too!

Make sure you brush your pet regularly

It is a good idea to make sure that you brush your pet regularly. It will also help to keep their skin healthy since it will reduce the amount of hair they leave on furniture. 

You'd rather not do it yourself, then you can always ask your vet to recommend someone who will be able to take care of this for you.

Keeping your couches clean requires frequent brushing your pet.


Using the tips above, you can easily and effectively remove pet hair from your sofa. If you'd rather not do it yourself, then we recommend asking your vet to recommend someone who will be able to help.

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