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How to Keep Your Windows Sparkling Clean: 6 Ways

Who doesn't love a sparkling clean window? It makes the house or office look so much nicer. Windows are one of the most important parts of any building, but that importance is often overlooked. When you keep your windows clean, it not only provides an aesthetically pleasing environment for those inside but also helps keep out pests and weather as well. In this article we will go over six different ways to keep your windows looking like new!

Use a Squeegee to Remove Water from Windows and Glass Surfaces

Most people keep their car windshields clean by using a window cleaner. The same idea applies for your home or office. Window cleaners, either the liquid or paper variety, are very affordable and will keep those pesky rain droplets at bay!

The first step in keeping your windows sparkling is removing all of the excess moisture that collects on them. To do this, you can use newspapers soaked in water as well as any household cleaning cloth such as an old T-shirt. Take care not to press too hard when wiping down your frames because it could result in damaging paint jobs! Once you've finished with the outside side of things, be sure to take off any stubborn debris caught in the corner of your frames or sills with a dry cloth.

Clean Your Window Screens with Vinegar and Hot Water

Another way to keep your windows clean is by cleaning out any residue from behind them, especially if you have an open-able screen for fresh air flow (like in older homes). This can be done easily by filling up a bowl of warm water mixed with white vinegar and soaking your window screens for ten minutes before scrubbing off with dish-washing soap on a sponge. Rinse thoroughly afterwards so that no traces are left! After doing this, use newspapers soaked in cold water to wipe down outside sides of windows as well as inside corners that may have been missed earlier.

Spray Glass Cleaner on the Inside of Your Window

If you have really greasy windows, another great trick is spraying glass cleaner onto the inside of it before using wet newspapers to scrub away any built up residue. The spray should keep them from getting too dirty in between cleanings as well!

Use Mild Dish-washing Liquid Mixed with Warm Water for Car Windows

This method works best for those who drive motorized vehicles which often get very dusty after long trips around town. Mix a few drops of soap into some warm water then soak your window screens until the suds start forming (probably about five minutes). Rinse off thoroughly afterwards so that no traces are left behind!

Clean Windowsills, Tracks, and Frames

For those who keep their living/work space covered in cloth drapes or curtains on a daily basis, it can be really hard to keep the material dry. Whenever you take down your window coverings for cleaning purposes make sure that there is no residue left behind before putting them back up! This will keep both your houseplants from drying out too fast (not what we want) but also prevent any mold growth which could lead to serious health problems. To do this simply use soap mixed with warm-to-hot water to scrub away all of the dirt then rinse off completely afterwards.

Never use soap

Lastly, keep in mind that when you clean your windows or other glass surfaces with dish-washing liquid it can leave behind a residue which will keep them from shining like new. For this reason, we recommend using plain water and newspaper to scrub away any dirt instead of soapy water - the result is well worth it!


We hope this article has helped provide you with some tricks to keep your windows shining clean! Remember, the key is in how often you are cleaning them which will depend on a variety of factors such as location and upkeep. If done correctly it should take no more than thirty minutes per window frame or sills below windows (not including any screens) to keep things squeaky-clean all year round!

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