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How to Prevent Mold: 7 Easy Ways

Mold is a common problem that can be found in many households. How do you know if there's mold? Well, it might produce an unpleasant odor and look fuzzy on walls and surfaces. You may also notice black spots or lines of discoloration on your ceiling or floorboards. If you see any signs like these, then there is probably some kind of moisture buildup in the home that could be causing mold to grow. There are all sorts of ways to prevent this from happening so read on for more information!

Keep Your House Ventilated and Use a Dehumidifier

You can do this by opening windows, ceiling fans or air conditioners during the day as well as at night. Make sure that you have proper ventilation in each of the rooms in your home so it flows nicely from one space to another which will promote even moisture levels throughout the entire house. A dehumidifier is also highly recommended because these little machines help remove excess water from indoor environments, especially if there's a lot of humidity due to high temperatures like we've been seeing lately.

Use Bleach or Vinegar to Clean Moldy Surfaces

If you see any signs of mold in your home, use a solution of bleach or vinegar and water to clean the moldy surfaces. Be sure you wear gloves when handling this cleaning mixture as it will make your hands smell like chlorine. For more information about how to mix these ingredients together.

Ventilate the Area Where You Store Food Items

If you have any sort of fruit or veggies that are stored in an UN-ventilated space like a pantry, fridge or even just wrapped up tightly in plastic wrap then there's probably going to be some kind of moisture buildup which could cause mold within those containers over time. Place them outside periodically so they can dry off completely before you decide to put them back in.

Remove Any Wet Furniture that Might be Causing Moisture in Home

If you have a damp couch or bed sitting around, then there's probably going to be some kind of moisture buildup near the areas where it touches the floor and walls which can result in mold growth overtime as well. Make sure these items are removed from rooms like bathrooms and basements so they don't cause more trouble for other surfaces nearby.

Replace old Carpets with Hardwood Floors

This is one of those things many people forget about when trying to find ways on how prevent mold at home but if you want an easy solution then just replace your old carpets with hardwood floors. The wood can absorb a lot of the moisture that you've been seeing and also help regulate room temperature which promotes even levels of humidity throughout the house!

Vacuum the Area to Remove Spores and Other Particles

You could be spreading mold in more rooms than you realize if there's furniture or surfaces near where it might have accumulated over time like on an upholstered chair or rug for example. If any pieces around your home are looking fuzzy, then just vacuum them off thoroughly (don't forget to wear gloves!) so they don't continue growing their colonies elsewhere.

Fix Leaky Pipes and Check for Any Moisture

If you have a pipe that's leaking water into the floor then it's probably not going to take long before mold starts growing from there. You should be sure to fix these leaky pipes at once so they don't cause too much damage over time as well as causing an unhealthy environment with all sorts of spores up and down the walls.

Check around your basement or crawlspace for any signs of dampness since those places are also prone to developing mold within their surfaces if left unchecked. This is one area where some people make mistakes when trying to prevent mold because they forget about these spaces and that they're prone to moisture problems as well.


This blog post has been a guide on how to prevent mold in your home. We discussed how ventilation is important for combating any potential wet spots that could develop, as well as the importance of using bleach or vinegar followed by scrubbing and vacuuming. This was just one way among many other solutions you can try at home!

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