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How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing: Basic Steps

The way your home smells affects the mood of those who live there. It can make you feel calm, relaxed or even invigorated. If you want to make your home smell amazing, here are some steps that will help make it happen. Keep reading for more information on how to make your home smell great!

Make your own natural air freshener

Find a jar or other container that has an opening large enough to make it easy for you to add ingredients. You can use any type of jar, but make sure the lid is vented so there will be no spillage when mixing and shaking later on.

Cut up three medium size apples into small pieces, then fill the bottom half with water (leave about two inches from the top).

Add four or five cloves of fresh garlic to the mixture if desired. The apple should help mask some of its distinctive odor once they're mixed together in this way. If not using garlic, try adding chopped cucumber instead as well as one teaspoon powdered cumin.

Add a quarter cup of brown sugar and make sure to stir it into the mixture before closing the jar or container tightly

Let this sit for at least four hours before shaking vigorously and then place on your kitchen counter top. This recipe should make around eight ounces, which is plenty enough to make an entire house smell great!

Clean up after yourself to avoid creating an unpleasant odor

This section may seem like common sense but really think about it; if you leave dishes in the sink, don't sweep under furniture regularly (or at all), never take out garbage cans when they're full or always choose convenience over cleanliness--you will create an unpleasant odor that fills your home quickly.

Best Smell in Cleaning Supplies

Rather than using artificial scents like air fresheners, buy some natural ingredients from the store. Add a few drops to make your own homemade cleaners and use these instead of what you might typically purchase at the store. If you want to make the process even more simple, add baking soda as well as vinegar into your wash cycle when doing laundry--this will help remove odors that cling in fabrics through repeated wearings.

Keep the windows open as much as possible

Fresh air will make your home smell fresh! Open up all of the doors and windows you can throughout each room, especially high-traffic areas like kitchens or living rooms. This should also help with humidity levels in these spaces so they don't become overpowering with excess moisture--which is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that create unpleasant odors.

Add some plants to your space

Not only will this make your home more pleasant visually but it'll make it feel fresher too by adding oxygen into the mix. Plus, studies have shown that indoor plants are proven to decrease stress levels among many different people which means an even better mood for everyone who lives there! Just be sure to make sure you take care of your plants every week so they can thrive.

Freshen up your bedding

By adding baking soda and vinegar into the wash cycle you can freshen your Bedding. This is especially important if you have pets which can make clothes smell a little musty more quickly than if they didn't live with you. Add a quarter cup of baking soda and make sure to add vinegar as well--this will make your bedding smell fresh again after it's been washed!

Keep dirty laundry off the floor

No one wants to see piles and piles of sweaty, used clothes creating an odor that permeates their home--especially if it's in a high traffic area like near the front door or living room where people may spend a great deal of their day. Make sure to store your dirty laundry in an area that will make it less noticeable, like a closet or behind furniture.


This post provided basic steps to make a home smell amazing. It includes making your own natural air freshener, cleaning up after yourself and adding some lavender oil or other essential oils in cleaning supplies for a refreshing scent. This article has given many tips on how to make the room less smelly without using artificial scents like air fresheners are more. With this you will have a amazing smell in home.

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