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How to Keep Your Upholstery Furniture Spotless

If you have upholstery furniture in your home, then you know just how hard it can be to maintain. With kids and pets running around the house, spills are bound to happen at some point. Whether or not you have children or pets, there is always something that will spill on your upholstered furniture. Luckily for us there are ways to keep this type of furniture looking brand new with just a little bit of effort! Here are our top tips for keeping your upholstery furniture spotless.


Vacuum your upholstery on a regular basis.

There is no better thing that you can do to keep your upholstery clean. When you vacuum, make sure you get all around the furniture and not just underneath it as many people tend to miss this area when they are cleaning their home.

Always use a protector for any spills or stains

It can't be avoided – accidents happen! You should always have a stain remover solution handy for those mishaps which cause stains from food or drink spilling onto fabric surfaces such as couches, chairs, ottomans etc. Fabric Protector, who will prevent new ones from happening in the future if applied correctly!

Use a damp cloth with mild detergent to clean up

Don't wait until something has dried before doing anything after spilling. The longer that liquid sits on the fabric, the more difficult it will be to get off of your furniture. Use a damp cloth with mild detergent and blot up as much of the liquid as possible so that when you go back over it later after some time has passed, there is not too much residue left behind from whatever product was used earlier in trying to clean up the mess!

Keep pet food bowls away from furniture

Pet food bowls should never be placed near furniture, so that there is no chance for them to spill on the upholstery. If you do notice some liquid, remove it right way using a paper towel and water before it has time to dry in the fabric fibers.

Place mats at all entrances to prevent dirt

You can also use this to keep upholstery clean. Place mats at all entrances will help to prevent dirt and other debris from getting inside of your house which can lead to spills on your furniture!

Change out cushions every 6 months

Changing out cushions every six months is the best way to keep your upholstery looking fresh and clean. This is especially important if you have children or pets that love to eat on the furniture, because over time food particles will start to build-up in the seat of the cushion which can cause stains with dirt trapped inside of them!

Cover your sofa when not in use

If you don't use your sofa, covering it will definitely help to keep the fabric looking clean. This can be done by using a throw or pillowcase and making sure that you remove it daily so that any dirt doesn't have time to settle on the upholstery, especially if you tend to leave things sitting out for longer periods of time!


It is necessary to keep your upholstery clean in order to keep the fabric looking fresh and new for years to come. By following these simple tips, you can easily accomplish this so that your furniture always looks brand new!

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