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How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Your House: Easy Steps

There are a number of ways to get rid of bad smells in your house. Get some fresh air by opening your windows, use natural products like baking soda or vinegar to neutralize and remove odors, clean up any spills that might be causing bad smells, get rid of clutter around your home including old clothes, shoes and books; make sure the trash can is emptied regularly so it doesn't cause an unpleasant smell inside from rotting garbage or food scraps sitting there too long.

When we walk into an old house that's been closed up for awhile, it can be hard not to notice the stale smell. Luckily there are some easy things you can do around your home to remove odors and keep them from coming back!

Keep Your Windows Open

Open windows daily when weather permits; this will let fresh air come in which helps eliminate bad smells too. Be sure any open windows have screens so bugs don't fly inside during summer months.

Use Natural Products For Cleaning Odors

Use a small amount of baking soda to help neutralize bad odors around the home. Sprinkle it on carpets, upholstery and curtains or even add some into your vacuum cleaner bag for more odor-fighting power! Baking soda is safe for both pets and people but be sure not to get any in eyes if you're using it in that way. Incorporating baking soda into your everyday cleaning routine can also help replace bad smells with a fresh, clean scent. Add some to your dishwasher when you run the cycle or sprinkle on top of dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwater for extra odor elimination power!

Vinegar is also an excellent odor-fighting product. Add it to a spray bottle with water and use on surfaces like floors, counters or even in your vacuum cleaner bag!

If you're not too fond of the scent of vinegar, this is another option for eliminating bad odors: Get some dry coffee grounds at your local grocery store (or use your own if you've got some left over!) Put them in the bottom of a coffee can, then pour about half a cup of vinegar on top. Seal it up and let it sit for at least 24 hours before disposing of it.

Keep Old Items Away

Clean out clutter around the home to remove dust from old clothing or furniture that 's lingering. Get rid of clutter like old shoes, books and magazines that might be accumulating around the house too! If this is a task you find yourself putting off because it's tedious or difficult to do on your own, enlisting the help of family members can also make things go more smoothly if they're willing.

Empty Trash Cans Regularly

Make sure you've emptied your trash can often so it doesn't create an unpleasant smell inside the house from rotting garbage or food scraps that are sitting there too long. Regularly check for items in your home that might be leaking and causing bad smells, like old jars of foods (not just pasta sauce!), leaky dishware with dried food stuck on it, or old clothes that have gone unwashed for awhile. Get rid of these items as soon as you can to avoid them getting funky and making the problem worse.

Keeping Pet Foods inside Cabinets

If your pets live inside with you (or if they come in from outside during winter). Sometimes a bad smell in your home is the result of pets and their food. Make sure pet food is stored outside to avoid creating an odor when it's dry or wet.


This is a quick guide to keep your home away from the bad smell that some homes have. Although, this is not a full guide but you can apply these steps to live in your home without smell.

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