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How to Fix Moldy Curtains

If you have curtains that are covered in a grayish-green film, don't worry. The mold may be hard to get rid of but there is hope! In this blog post we will discuss what steps need taken if your drapes get fungus and how to prevent it from happening again easily with some helpful tips for keeping your home clean all around


Identify the mold

Mold may be seen as black spots or green patches on curtains - if you spot any of these tell-tale signs there could very well be something lurking underneath those fancy drapes? Better yet – get rid of them immediately because only bacteria love dark places with wet surfaces.

Remove the mold

Wear protective gloves and avoid touching your face, hands or other objects while working with the bleach mixture. Mix one part water to three parts Clorox® Regular-oatmeal based sanitizer until it looks like paste ( Brookline Molds uses this same ratio). Apply a light coat onto any surface that needs removing; let dry before handling again

Check the curtains for damage

If you discover mold on your curtains, it's important to remove the fabric so that no other parts of the house are affected. If these seem okay but have some wear-and-tore from usage then consider replacing them instead of washing them because this will save time in future cleanings if needed later down the road.

The best way would be to take off all the pieces at once before getting started with cleaning - even though sometimes just freshening up an old set can make everything look new again!


Allow the curtains to dry completely

The next step is to allow the curtains to dry completely. This will prevent mold from growing back and make your pictures look bad again! You can hang them in different areas like near an open window or with plenty of ventilation, but make sure they're well-ventilated so that fact doesn't retain too much moisture inside .

If the mold persists, consult a professional

If you are still noticing mold after taking these steps, it's best to consult with a professional. Mold can be removed from your home and prevented in the future by hiring someone who specializes on this topic; they will know what needs done properly for any type or severity level of infestation that may exist!

Prevent future mold growth

If you want to prevent mold from growing in your home, make sure the curtains are clean and dry. If they get wet take them off as soon as possible so that it can air out before drying again with a dehumidifier which helps keep air safe for everyone living there!

Mold removal safety tips

When removing mold, always:

- Wear gloves

- Wear a mask

- Open windows for ventilation

- Avoid using fans

- Work in a well-lit area

It's really easy to get rid of mold when you know how! follow these steps, and then just be sure not let it come back. With a little bit each day over the course if time will make all your efforts worth while in no-time at  first glance we might think that getting our homes looking clean would take much more work than actually doing them; however with proper maintenance comes convenience which makes life easier overall


When you find mold on your curtains, it's time to take action! You can remove the growth and prevent its return by following these simple steps. Taking care of upholstery in a room will make sure they stay clean for years with proper treatment - so don't let pesky curtains get away again; keep them looking great today through smart cleaning methods like vacuuming or wiping down surfaces where there are stains regularly (including behind furniture).

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