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How to Clean Your Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide

The kitchen is a place where we spend most of our time. We cook, eat and clean up after ourselves in the kitchen. How often do you think about cleaning your kitchen? Probably not as much as you should be! Kitchen is the only place in home which is almost dirty every time and every where. A Dirty kitchen can make you and your family sick because bacteria and other micro-organisms come there on wasted food. Cleaning your kitchen can seem like a daunting task at first glance but it's surprisingly easy if you follow these 7 steps.

Cleaning Your Fridge

You can't have a dirty kitchen if you don't start with cleaning your refrigerator! A lot of things are stored in the fridge that might need some attention, such as spills and food residue. If there's any spoiled or moldy food then it needs to be thrown out--don't worry about salvaging anything at this point because we're just getting started! After throwing away all expired products, wipe down the shelves inside your appliance with water and dish soap (or vinegar) using paper towels or sponges. Use gloves for dishes containing raw meat so you don’t get sick from touching them without washing hands first.

Wipe Down Countertops, Stove-top and Oven

Next up on the list is wiping down all of your countertops. This includes washing off any crumbs or spills with warm water and dish soap (or vinegar) before rinsing them away. Remember to rinse these items too! Next, wipe down your stove-top using a sponge dipped in water and dish soap (or vinegar). If you have an electric oven then clean it by turning on the self-cleaning setting for 30 minutes--this will also help to reduce odors coming from food that may not be fresh anymore. Lastly, if you decide to use bleach as part of this process make sure that it doesn't touch anything else because once again we're just getting started on cleaning this kitchen.

Wash Dishes by Hand or in Dishwasher

After wiping down all your surfaces it's time to wash the dishes! How you choose to do that is up to you but make sure you have a dish detergent and sponge ready for when they are needed as well as any paper towels if spills occur. If there are pots, pans, plates etc., then place them in the dishwasher with a good amount of soap beforehand so at least some parts of this job can be easier than others--but don't forget about drying utensils either because we're not done yet! The last thing left before moving on to another section is loading items from counters into cabinets. Make sure everything has been cleaned before putting them away.

Clean Up Spills on the Floor

If you have any spills and drips from food or drink then now is the time to clean those up! Make sure they're all wiped away with a sponge dipped in water mixed with dish detergent before drying it off--you might even need some paper towels for this one but don't worry because we'll get back to that soon enough.

Vacuum and Mop Kitchen Floor Regularly

The last thing left to do is vacuum and mop your kitchen floor regularly so there's less built-up dirt, dust and debris around your home. It will also help keep pests out of areas where food has been prepared as well as other surfaces like countertops and tables.


Cleaning your kitchen can seem like a daunting task at first glance but it's surprisingly easy if you follow these simple steps. I hope this guide was helpful and provided some tips for making the job easier on yourself.

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