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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mistakes That Will Cost You

You are reading this article because you want to know how to clean your hardwood floors. You have probably seen the commercials on TV about how easy it is to get your floors sparkling with just a few ingredients from your kitchen. The truth is, there are many different methods of cleaning that will do the job well. There are also mistakes that can be made in the process that will cost you money down the road if they aren't corrected right away. Let's take a look at some of these common mistakes so you avoid them!

Using a vacuum cleaner without attachment

Using vacuum cleaner without attachment can damage the wood floor surface. The bristles on a vacuum cleaner can cause scratches and dents in your beautiful new floors. Instead, use a broom to sweep up dust and dirt before you clean with water mop or wet cloths.

Using too much cleaning solution

When using any kind of liquid that is going to be applied directly onto the hardwood floors, you need to be careful not to use too much. If too much cleaning solution is used and it dries on the floor before it can be wiped or mopped up, there will most likely be a stain left behind that cannot be removed without professional assistance.

Letting dirt and grime accumulate on the floor for too long

Cleaning your hardwood floors on a regular basis is important. If you let dust and dirt accumulate, it can be very difficult to remove without professional help from someone who has more experience with wood floor care. As time goes by, some of the cleaning solutions that are used will lose their effectiveness as well due to chemical changes within them caused by the dirt and grime.

Wiping only in one direction

It is easy to get in a habit of wiping only in one direction when you are cleaning. This can be okay for some types of flooring, but it will cause problems with hardwood floors because the finish may not look uniform after being cleaned. You want to wipe back and forth across the grain instead, always making sure that your cloths are clean and damp, but not wet.

Cleaning with an abrasive mop head or sponge

Never use an abrasive mop head or sponge on your hardwood floors because they can leave behind scratches that are difficult to remove. They may also cause the protective coating on the flooring to wear away, leaving you with a dull finish and no protection against moisture damage in high traffic areas of the home.

Using harsh chemicals to clean your wood floors

Harsh chemicals such as those found in ammonia and other cleaners can be very damaging to hardwood floors. They also leave behind streaks that are difficult to remove, so it is best not to use them at all unless you want your flooring to look dull and unattractive.

Using furniture on the floor without cloth paper in bottom

This is a common mistake of people. Using furniture on the floor without using paper in bottom can cause scratches and dents on your hardwood floors. Always make sure that you place a piece of cloth, newspaper or anything else protective under the legs of chairs, tables or any other objects which are not meant to be placed directly onto wood surfaces.


There is no need to use harsh chemicals on your hardwood floors as they can damage the flooring. Use only those solutions that are recommended by professionals and follow all instructions for correct usage before using any product. Also, never allow dirt or grime to accumulate on them for too long because it will be almost impossible to remove without professional help.

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