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Getting Ready For Summer

Summer's finally here! Yay!!! But before you can start enjoying all the fun activities that come with it, there are a few things in your home need to be taken care of. Luckily for us we have some pro tips on how make this process easier- keep reading below and learn more about getting ready for summertime today

Maintaining an immaculate house isn't always easy – especially when trying prepare something new like cleaning every day or washing windows weekly (or any other time)..


Clean your windows for natural light and fresh air

Cleaning your windows is one of the first things you should do to get your home summer-ready. Not only will it let in natural light and fresh air, but this process also helps brighten up space within our homes!

Dust off those ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to stay cool during the warmer months. Before you turn them on, though make sure that they haven’t been covered in dust and give their blades an extra wipe with some cloth or paper towel so everything is nice-and clean!

Don’t forget about the outside of your home

Cleaning your home’s exterior will give it a fresh new look this summer. Make sure you clean out any dirt or grime from the porch, deck and windows so they're bright enough to catch passersby in their natural state of awe!

Wash Those Curtains

Giving your curtains a good washing during summer will not only keep them looking fresh all year round, but also remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated over winter.

Clean out your fridge

When you're storing food and drinks in your fridge this summer, make sure it's clean! A dirty refrigerator will start to smell bad. And if that happens with the AC on? Well then I'm sorry but there are some things worth regretting about being alive after reading a sentence like "You should really think twice before opening your balcony door."

Vacuum and mop all of the floors

Vacuum and mop thoroughly after cleaning all surfaces in your home. Pay extra attention to the floors, as this is where dirt can accumulate more easily than anywhere else!

Dust all of the furniture and fixtures in every room

The next step in the cleaning process is dusting all of your furniture and fixtures. This includes items like lamps, picture frames, bookshelves- you get the idea!

This task can be very tedious but don't worry because we're here to make sure everything looks spic and span once again before we leave for today so just sit back relax while our professionals do their thing; it'll only take about 30 minutes from start until finish (give or take).

Wipe down all of the surfaces

Your family's perfect summer getaway will be a lot more comfortable if you start by cleaning up in the kitchen and bathroom. Be thorough with your routine maintenance this time of year!

Change Your Bedding

In order to make the most out of summer, it is important that you change your bedding. Replace heavy blankets with lighter quilts and comforters so as not have a stuffy room at night time when trying sleep! New sheets can also help keep temperatures lower during warmer months since they’re designed specifically for this purpose-so consider investing in some nice ones before conditions turn chilly again soon enough!

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