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How to Clean Your Car

Do you ever find yourself driving to a meeting or appointment and wondering why your car didn't look as good as it usually does? Cleaning your car is the most basic of tasks, but it can make all the difference. In this blog post we will go through 7 steps that are guaranteed to give you that brand new look again!


Cleaning Your Car Inside and Out

Cleaning your car inside and out might seem like a daunting task, but it is actually something that can be quite simple. First, you'll want to vacuum any loose dirt or hair on the floor mats in your vehicle using an upholstery attachment or brush-on product. Next, grab a damp cloth and wipe down all surfaces of your interior including dashboards, center consoles, door panels and everything else! If you have leather seats in your ride then you'll want to use a special cleaner for this type of material before wiping with water afterwards - this will help keep them looking their best for years to come!

Clean all of the Windows Inside and Outside

Clean any dirt off of the exterior glass with soap and water (or vinegar if there are stubborn stains). Wash these windows from top to bottom with a streak free window cleaner for that perfect look on both sides.

Take off Any Bumper Stickers or Decals

To avoid damaging your paint job remove bumper sticker residue by slowly peeling at either end one side until it starts coming up without ripping away too much paper. Once enough has been removed, use a solvent (e.g., rubbing alcohol) to dissolve the remainder of the sticker adhesive and any remaining residue on your paint job. Clean off any leftover debris with water or soap and rinse down with a hose.

Polish up the Chrome

Cleaning your car can be time consuming if you don't know how to properly do so - but it's not hard! Use an old towel or cloth that is especially made for polishing metal surfaces like chrome trim around windows, headlights, bumpers, etc. Just make sure there are no wrinkles in this fabric before wiping away dirt from these shiny parts of the vehicle using circular motions only. Avoid scrubbing too much as rough fabrics could cause damage over time by scratching the chrome.

Add Some Tire Shine to Give Them That Brand New Look

Cleaning your car is not complete without shining up the tires! Put on a rubber glove and spray an even coat of high quality tire dressing onto any rubber surface (tire, wheel rim). Wait for it to dry before you drive off as this will cause streaks or smudges on your clear coat paint if applied too soon. Be sure to use an applicator sponge when applying so there are no drips down the side of the wheels or excess product dripping below where it's intended. Clean up after with another towel dampened in water and then let air dry completely before driving away.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter can be an eyesore in any space, but especially in the car. Clean out your glove box or center console area to make sure there are no loose papers, spare change, pens and pencils that could roll around while you're driving! Clutter is the common problem in almost any car that makes the car look ugly and messy.


Remember to clean your car on a regular basis so it looks like new - inside and outside of all windows as well as any chrome trimming found throughout the vehicle (e.g., headlights). One last step is adding tire shine for that extra touch before heading off into town with pride!

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