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How to Clean and Maintain Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring can be challenging to clean. Dust, dirt and grit from the outside world have a way of finding their way into your home and settling on top of your beautiful floors. This blog post will help you learn how to clean vinyl flooring without any chemicals or other expensive products.

Vacuum the floor to remove any debris

Vacuum to remove any debris that has settled on the floor. Be sure to also vacuum up under your furniture and along walls where dirt tends to accumulate.

Then, let's scrub the floors! After you remove as much dust and buildup as possible, it's time to do some scrubbing!

Use an all-purpose cleaner to spray down your vinyl floors, then let them sit while you grab your mop or microfiber cloths. You can use either of these products in conjunction with each other if need be too! Soap may not be necessary depending on how dirty the floors are at this point but do not use anything abrasive as they can scratch through layers of sealant over time resulting in more damage than good done.

Apply liquid polish with a buffing brush or clean cloth until it's dry

When applying liquid polish with a buffing brush, use a clean cloth or microfiber mop. Get into all the grooves and nooks of your floor so it is left looking shiny, new and ready for any spills that might come its way!

Be sure to wipe up as much excess product as possible before letting the floors dry completely. Your vinyl will need time to cure once they're finished being polished otherwise you run the risk of ruining them if someone walks on top before then!

Clean the vinyl floor using a damp cloth and mild soap, then rinse

Use a damp cloth and mild soap (or even dishwashing liquid) to clean your vinyl floors. Be sure not to scrub too hard or for long periods of time as this can cause scratches that are much more difficult to remove than the dirt was in the first place! Rinse with clear warm water when finished.

Clean up all excess liquid and air-dry

Vinyl flooring can be dried with a clean cloth or fan. You can also use a hairdryer on the lowest setting if you are in desperate need of some extra air flow! Remember, do not walk on wet floors until they have completely dried out too for optimal results!

TIP: After completing these steps, it is important to remember not to wear shoes while walking around on freshly polished floors since doing so will ruin any chance you have at keeping them looking


Your vinyl flooring will look as good as new in no time!

Knowing how to clean vinyl flooring without chemical cleaning solutions, it's time to get started so let all that dust and dirt settle into nothing more than tiny specs at the bottom of your vacuum cleaner bag once again! It is important to keep up with regular cleaning practices where possible, but this process will help remove any major buildup stains from everyday life around your home. Make sure not to overdo it though.

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