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7 Tile Cleaning Mistakes that You're Making

When you have tile floors in your home, it is important to maintain them in the best possible condition. This is because when they are not being cleaned properly, they can become stained and ruined over time. As a result of this, many people find themselves making some mistakes when doing their cleaning which can lead to irreversible damage. In this blog post, we will go over 7 common mistakes that are made when performing tile floor care so that you don't make these same errors!

Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to tile floor care is using a product that isn’t meant for their type of tiles. For instance, if you have ceramic or porcelain tiles in your home, they would require a specific cleaner made just for this kind of surface. This is because these surfaces are more delicate and softer than other types such as stone so too much scrubbing can scratch them up over time. By using something designed specifically for your particular tile, you will ensure that they remain shiny and new looking without causing any damage!

Not Using a Proper Mop Scrub Brush

If you want to clean your floors properly then there really is no substitute for a good mop and scrub brush. If you use something like a rag or paper towel to do your cleaning, then you run the risk of leaving behind dirt that can get ground into the tile over time causing discoloration which is difficult to remove. A good quality mop such as one made from twisted fibers will help lift up stubborn grime while also removing it without scratching any tiles in the process.

Leaving Grout Lines Dirty and Not Wiping Them Down

Another mistake people make when doing their tile floor care is neglecting areas where there are seams between each tile known as grout lines. These are frequently dark grey or black so they tend to be easily missed when being cleaned but if left uncleaned, they can cause tile staining which is difficult to remove.

Cleaning Grout Lines

The best way to clean grout lines in between tiles is by using an inexpensive toothbrush and some soap like dish detergent or laundry liquid. This will help break up any dirt buildup you might find in these areas so that it doesn’t become ground into the surface of your flooring over time!

Not vacuuming Before Mopping to Remove Loose Dirt and Debris

Before doing any deep cleaning on your floors, one thing you must do beforehand is vacuum them thoroughly first. During this process, all loose particles such as dust bunnies or pet hair should be completely removed since anything left behind could scratch the surface when being scrubbed or mopped.

If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, it can be helpful to empty the contents into a garbage bag before starting your cleaning so that it doesn’t become sucked up again and cause problems with airflow or suction later on in the process!

Cleaning Tiles with Too Much Water Can Lead to Mildew Growth

Another common mistake people make when doing their tile floor care is not knowing how much water to use during this process. When excess water gets left behind after cleaning, then there is an increased chance of mold and mildew growing due to moisture build-up over time which will create stains on your floors as well as leave them smelling like musty old towels Instead, try using only a small amount of water in your mop bucket when cleaning and avoid leaving any standing pools after you are finished mopping.

The reason for this is that excess moisture can lead to grout lines getting discolored, tiles becoming stained or scuffed up, as well as an increased risk of mold growing so always be sure to dry the floor thoroughly before allowing it to air-dry completely! Cleaning tiles with dirty hands or an unclean mop head


It is important to make sure all grime has been removed from tile surfaces before allowing them to dry completely so mildew doesn't grow behind it. Also remember not to clean excessively dirty floors because anything left over gets ground into the surface and causes overtime staining.

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