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7 Home Maintenance Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

There are many mistakes that can be made around the house. They can range from forgetting to turn off all of the lights when you leave a room, not cleaning your dryer lint filter, or neglecting gutters for too long. These mistakes might seem small and insignificant at first glance but they do have an impact on your wallet in the end. This blog post will take a look at 7 mistakes homeowners make that cost them money!

Buying The Wrong Light Bulbs

There is nothing worse than buying light bulbs only to find out that they do not work with your lamp. This is a mistake Home Depot has been trying to fix for years by giving out free light bulb samples. You can find the correct incandescent or LED bulbs that will fit any lamps in your home at no cost!

Not Cleaning Your Dryer Lint Filter

The lint filter of a dryer gets dirty over time and should be cleaned between each load you do. If it is not clean, then this could cause problems such as longer drying times or clothes coming out partially dried, which means more electricity being used than necessary

Ignoring Leaks and Cracks in Your Water Pipes

A small crack in one of the water pipes located under the sink may seem harmless. However, if left alone this crack could cause major problems. Cracks and leaks in pipes should be fixed as soon as possible because they can lead to your water bill increasing or even a flooded basement!

Running Out of Propane For Your Gas Grill

One summer day you decide to enjoy the weather and cook out on your gas grill. You take down your propane tank, only to find that it is empty! This can be extremely frustrating because now instead of enjoying a meal with friends or family you have to go buy another one at an inconvenient time. Make sure this does not happen by always having spare tanks near-by so if needed they are readily available.

Forgetting To Turn Off The Lights When Leaving A Room

This may seem like something simple enough but many people do this everyday without realizing how much electricity they waste as a result. If all lights were turned off when leaving a room then energy could be saved which would greatly reduce your electricity bill.

Neglecting Your Gutters For Too Long

Clogged gutters can lead to water pooling up and overflowing onto your lawn, thus killing grass. If the gutter is not cleaned regularly it will also cause damage such as rotting wood siding on a house. This will cost money for repairs!

It is easy to forget about your gutters throughout the winter months. You should always check them before it starts snowing again because clogged gutters can lead to water damage on your roof which will need expensive repairs down the road. This may cause flooding in your home in the next few years or possibly months and that could destroy your whole house.

Letting Your Lawn Go To Seed

If you let your lawn go for too long without cutting or watering, then grass and weeds will start sprouting up through cracks in sidewalks and driveways. Not only does this look bad but it also makes walking difficult which might cause people to slip, fall, hurt themselves, or sue you if they are injured!


There are many mistakes that homeowners make that are not serious mistakes but they do have an impact on your wallet in the end. This blog post covers some of the most important mistakes that will cost you a ton of money in the future, it is best to solve them before these create problems.

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