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7 Effective Carpet Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

Home ownership is an expensive endeavor. Between mortgage payments, property taxes, utilities, and maintenance costs! One area of your home that you may not have considered as part of the equation is carpeting costs. A lot of homeowners don't realize how much their carpets cost them until they need to replace them or make an emergency repair due to water damage or pet stains. However, there are ways for you to maintain your carpets inexpensively with these 7 tips!


Vacuum your carpet regularly to remove dirt and dust.

By doing so, you can maintain the appearance of your carpets, extend the life of your carpeting, and maintain their value.

Spot treatment can be applied to stains or spills by following the manufacturer's instructions on a damp cloth before vacuuming it away.

Use a steam cleaner to clean up spills

Your carpet will be cleaned more thoroughly by steaming as it will remove stains and dirt that your vacuum may not be able to reach.

If you steam your carpets regularly, you'll be able to maintain their appearance and extend the life of your carpeting.

Use a hard floor cleaner before vacuuming it up

As a result, soap scum and other dirt will be removed that may have been left behind by regular cleaning methods like vacuuming or steam cleaning without damaging your carpet fibers, extending its life and preserving its beauty!

Do not overuse detergents

You should avoid overusing detergents when washing rugs, as they can damage them. Overwashing certain types of fiber such as wool can cause shrinkage or aggressive wear patterns which reduces the lifespan of your rug significantly! Use light-duty detergent instead.

Get rid of pet hair with a vacuum cleaner

It can be difficult to remove pet hair from your carpet because it gets everywhere. Vacuum cleaners can help remove pet hair that you might not even be able to see and keep your carpets looking their best.

Store your shoes in an enclosed space

You should store your shoes in an enclosed space to keep dirt from entering the house and dirtying up your carpets.

Wash and dry clean rugs before storage for extended periods of time

During certain seasons, you may decide not to use certain rugs, make sure you wash them first! They'll preserve their original appearance longer if they're washed after being stored over winter. If that's not possible, then try using a professional cleaner on it at least once every six months while it is stored!

Use dry shampoo for pet stains if you need to get rid of them quickly!

Using dry shampoo when your pet has an accident is a great idea because they absorb the moisture in hard-to-clean spots, so it won't seep into your carpet fibers or leave behind any lingering odors. If possible, blot the spot rather than rubbing it in with a cloth or paper towels.

Keep the area under your furniture free from clutter

Carpet fibers can become entangled with clutter. This means that you should keep them free from clutter to avoid damage and wear patterns that reduce their lifespan.


These are a few carpet maintenance tips you should know to get more life out of your investment and save lots of money over time! If this sounds like too much work for you - it's not necessary or recommended that everyone do all seven steps every single day; instead try doing one each week. You'll still maintain clean looking carpets without having to spend loads on professional services!

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