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4 Best Tips to Maintain Your Floors

Floors are an important element of any home: they provide a surface for us to walk on, maintain our privacy by blocking out noise from the outside world, and even add aesthetic value to our homes. But floors can be tricky things- if you don't maintain them properly, not only will they look bad but their quality will deteriorate over time. In this post we'll cover 7 tips that will help maintain your floors and keep them looking as good as new!

Be Sure to Vacuum Your Floor on a Regular Basis

First of all, you should vacuum your floor on a regular basis. Be sure to go over the same area more than once and maintain an even pressure so that any dirt or dust is lifted from the surface of the flooring. This will keep it looking fresh longer!

Vacuuming the floor removes any dirt or dust particles from the surface of hardwood, linoleum, or carpeting which will help them maintain their appearance for longer periods of time. Vacuum at least once every week- more often if there are pets around who track in hair and dander! Maintaining an even pressure while vacuuming goes along way towards getting all those pesky little crumbs that settle into cracks and crevices where they're hard to get with a quick wipe: it also means you won't end up accidentally scratching any delicate flooring surfaces. When vacuuming carpeted areas, be sure that the vacuum head is set low enough so as not to disturb the backing of carpet- this can lead to damage and heavy wear over time!

Clean Off Furniture Sitting on Floors Regularly too

Chairs and desks often have bottoms that are made of wood, and this can cause unsightly scratches in the finish over time. Plus, dirt gets stuck to furniture easily and will end up on your floor too if left unchecked! The best way to fix them is put a little piece of cloth beneath their legs or put a playing card this will not let them do any damage to floor.

Clean up Spills and Dirt quickly

Quickly clean stains before they have an opportunity to absorb into your floors: once something drys on there, it's next to impossible for anything but chemicals or scraping tools like a putty knife. This will go a long way towards preventing any unsightly water spots from appearing in future (which could cause irreversible damage) plus maintain the beauty of the floor finish. When it comes to spills, maintain an eye out for any that may have spilled onto furniture legs- these are especially damaging as they can get caught in the back of chairs and lead to scratches over time. Toward this end, do your best to clean up spills immediately: keep a damp cloth on hand at all times so you're prepared just in case!

Keep an Eye Out for Water Spots

Water is one thing we don't want coming into contact with our floors because it's one thing that can cause irreversible damage if left unchecked and too much moisture build-up goes along way towards causing mold growth underneath the surface where its seeped through or even warp delicate wooden surfaces like those found on furniture. Pay close attention to any water spots and maintain an eye out for them- if they're still wet, use a cloth or towel that's been dampened with clean water in order to soak up the liquid before it can seep too far into the flooring material beneath: this will maintain the overall appearance of your floors while preventing some unpleasant problems down the line.


We hope that these tips will help maintain your floors and keep them looking as good as new! Be sure to maintain an eye out for any water spots, spills or dirt before they have time to do damage: once something's set in there it can be hard work removing it without damaging the flooring surface itself. Avoid damage with simple maintenance like vacuuming on a regular basis- this is one of the best ways towards keeping those pesky little crumbs.

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